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Kenyan Retail in the Footsteps of Obama and Satya

“There’s something happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear.” The lyrics to the 1967 Buffalo Springfield protest anthem popped into my head as I toured Nairobi in late July. There’s definitely something happening here. The week before my visit, Barack Obama had been in town and the buzz was still palpable. Roadside billboards still […]

Prime Day

The Day That Retail Changed Forever

Something weird happened on an otherwise ordinary Wednesday in July in New York City. A switch flicked. A baton was passed. A change happened. On July 15 2015, a brick and mortar retail icon closed its doors, while at the same time an e-commerce powerhouse had one of its biggest days ever. To me it […]


Retail Roars at the Cannes Lions

For some, the annual “Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity” is a throwback to the “glory days” of advertising. Oceans of rosé are drunk, the freebies are plentiful, and scam ads are still concocted in the desperate hope of scoring a coveted Lion. (Mercifully though, most fake entries are spotted on the way through and […]

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