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Hoxton Street Monster Supplies is a new retail concept, developed by UK design firm ‘We Made This’, to serve London’s monster community which has been poorly catered to for centuries.

The store retails monster essentials such as brain jam, pickled eyeballs and neckbolt tightners, all at category leading prices.

The store is actually a front for a creative writing school called ‘Ministry of Stories’. The store has been designed not only to generate revenue for the writing school but also to ignite the imagination of students as they enter their class room.

Although retail doesn’t get more specialty than this, Hoxton Street Monster Supplies is a wonderful reminder of the power of story telling for all retailers. At the World Retail Congress in Berlin last year, Michael Gould (Chairman & CEO of Bloomingdales) told attendees that “we’re in the entertainment business” and Gordon Segal (Chairman & Co-Founder of Crate & Barrel) concurred, with the memorable quote “retail is theatre and a ringing cash register is the applause”.

Relying on rational benefits to entice customers to open their wallets is a tough ask these days. Our customers probably already have the product we’re trying to sell them. And one of the key post-GFC fallouts is a frustratingly cautious consumer. But story telling shifts the focus to a far more emotive proposition which is quite disarming for defensive shoppers.

I’m not particularly in the market for jam at the moment, but I would certainly go out of my way to visit this store and get some Olde Fashioned Brain Jam. I’d also encourage all my friends to do the same… Why? Because it’s a great story.

A big thanks to Kon Marinis for spotting this and sending it through.


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